FORESTS - As important as BREATHING

Forests, or ‘green space’ as we like to call them, are more crucial than we’ve ever dared to imagine. The tasks they perform, their helpfulness, is priceless and countless. From providing us oxygen for breathing, sheltering animals, controlling poll

Composting is the Way to Go!!!

With the onslaught of excessive human wants- has arrived the onslaught of excessive garbage, too. I wonder if anyone even bothers to look at the dumps these days. They’re piling up, looking like hillocks of junk. It won’t be long before we will need t

EARTH CARE -  Use of Bio-enzymes  DIY @ home

The blog is about how we can tune our lifestyles to work along with mother natures regeneration cycle.

How to Go Green with your Home

Say you decided to reside in an older house, you are very likely dealing with problems with electricity efficiency and energy savings. The good thing is the fact that these complications do not possess to be an encumbrance to you permanently.

How to keep Environment Health

Due to the pressures of over consumption, over population and technology the biophysical environment is being degraded sometimes irreversibly.

Best ways to Go Green in your House

Best ways to Go Green in your House

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  • 2nd Mar 2017
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Global warming and going green are two of the most popular matters on everyone's thought. Being environmentally friendly often means an assortment of points for distinct individuals. It can start with transport, eating habits, or perhaps altering the clea

Few steps to start your eco-friendly footprint

Preventing our planet from any harm is a requisite. It can do wonders for our future generation and to lead a happy lifestyle. Starting your foot towards being eco-friendly can consume more time and capital. But, remember if done now and ever can do wonde

Mumbai's St. Michael Church creates eco-friendly cooking fuel from waste flowers

St. Michael Church has installed a biogas plant to create cooking gas from the waste flowers. It was Mumbai's 1st Move by a church to install a bio gas plant. As of now, the church gets gas of worth 5 cylinders of fuel from the flower waste every year.

Test Your Indoor Air Quality

Test Your Indoor Air Quality

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  • 22nd Feb 2017
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Have your ever though How good is the place where you reside in terms of Air Quality? Here are some pointers that will solve your questions.

Organic Fertilizers a Boon to the Farming Process

Organic Fertilizer is the ones sourced from organic material such as plants, mineral or animal sources. Diverse from the traditional chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers have to occur naturally.

Natural Farming (Farming with Mother Nature)

Mother Nature has everything for everyone. Let us see the green lush forests and the tribal community whose lifestyles has no dependency on external things which are anthropogenically synthesised. The community lives in total harmony with Nature and Natur

Simple Tips for Eco-Friendly Living

Switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle is easy, it just takes a new way of thinking. Just keep an open mind and be creative and you will find a plethora of new ways to help the environment.

Do it for the Need not for the Greed

You know you are doing something very significant when you have an esteemed visitor coming to meet us all the way from Chulling in Himachal Pradesh. This past week while we were gearing up for the big “Atta Gallatta” event, we had the opportunity to m

Best Healing Herbs to be Grown at Home

People have been growing plants at home for cooking purposes for years now, but with so many scientific studies confirming what dadima always knew - that the compounds in some herbs can keep various health problems at bay - it makes even more sense to cul

6 Elements that causes Air Pollution. How to overcome them?

Air pollution is an increasing problem globally, with people as well as countries similar surging massive amounts of hazardous contaminants into the environment on a daily basis. All these pollutants are not only found hazardous to the physical condition


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