ABOUT RUBANIA - Eco Friendly Plots in Bangalore

Rubania is the perfect blend and harmony of the two worlds that we live in - Rural and Urban.

The brain child and concept of two passionate nature loving Mayur & Maithri - Biotects, from the WeCan team, Rubania is the ideal utopian living environment that we have always yearned for.

The "Ru" from rural and "Ban" from urban have been meticulously planned and carefully interwoven with all natural, recyclable, organic materials & environment into a highly sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle by Team WeCan, the development team of Infolan Properties and the marketing team of Realspace Assets.

The most important ingredients acting as the binding and driving force towards this unique project is our passion and commitment towards Mother Nature.

Rubania offers amazing Plots for sale in Bangalore which are truly and completely eco friendly. Your Rubania home can be built using recyclable and nature friendly materials. Rubania also offers Farm Lands that can be used for organic farming, natural living, as weekend homes. nature retreats and all Rubania sites are planned with Mother nature in mind.

The Rubania Life (As life is actually meant to be)

Imagine waking up to the chirping of birds and welcoming the beautiful morning Sun, breathing fresh clean & non-polluted air, eating fresh and organic food from your own garden and strolling peacefully in the company of beautiful flowers, green pathways and being one with nature in Rubania.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

But this is not the only reason Rubania is special. You are actually contributing back to nature and mother earth by being part of this ECO revolution called Rubania.

When you lead a sustainable lifestyle by harvesting your own electricity, water and food, along with recycling / up-cycling the waste and minimising your carbon footprints – you are actually coming back to life as nature designed it for all of us.

Rubania is your opportunity to be a part of a unique & genuinely sustainable development community and to lead a happy, blissful and also an environmentally responsible life.

Site Analysis

Site Location

Rubania is located in the lap of nature at Dabaraganahalli, Sidlaghatta. Having a good access through good roads, you can arrive at the Rubania site can be in an hours time from the Centre of Bangalore.

Climatic data

  • Climate - dry tropical
  • Predominant wind direction – south west
  • Soil type – red clay soil
  • Rainfall – June to September
  • Sunlight – north receives uniform light.
  • Parks with children play area

Site Brief

Phase 1 development includes :

Clubhouse, 6 cottages, library, meditation room, organic store, herbal and food garden, swimming pool and badminton courts.

The buildings will be created out of Adobe, Cob and recyclable materials . Apart from the buildings being earthy and aesthetically pleasing, they are also energy efficient.

These climate responsive structures, harvest rainwater and also reuse them.

On the community level-swales and infiltration ponds are created to recharge ground water.

Unique selling proposition:

Our Rubania sustainable development is the first of its kind in and around Bangalore with availability of a wide range of plots.

The natural structures at Rubania are climate responsive, which helps in reduction of energy consumption, hence low cost of annual maintenance.

As recycled materials are a part of the building materials, the building costs are lesser than that of a conventional building.

With harvesting of rainwater and the use of solar panels, the utility bills are further reduced.

Low cost gardens as the soil is permanently cultured the nature's way, without the use of pesticides and chemicals.

Fresh organic vegetables from our own garden, botanical cells and roof gardens.

Wide variety of gardens like the medicinal/herb Garden, butterfly garden, mood gardens.

Organic store that sells fresh veggies and other organic products and also supports the local artisans to sell their organic Articles.

Blissful ambience amongst nature with meditation hall/yoga deck, natural swimming pool and parks for kids and adults.

Reconnect to nature

Why choose Rubania sustainable community ?

In the hustle bustle of city life, we have disconnected ourselves from mother nature –its she who provides us with all our endless human wants and needs. What the trees exhale,we inhale. And what we exhale, is what the trees inhale. We co-exist together. We, humans and mother earth have a deep rooted connection, like that of a child and mother. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten it.

Now its time… that we stop hurting mother nature and give back as much as we can. The Rubania life is one way we can do so.

WHY Choose Rubania ?

  • Clear marketable titles
  • Gated community with entrance arch
  • 24/7 security
  • Wide roads, Footpaths
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Parks with children play are
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Overhead tank
  • Independent water supply to each plot
  • Club House

And the icing on the cake for every property investor :

Extremely affordable price with a Super flexible payment scheme – A minimal down payment with an unbelievably low EMI per month.

It makes owning your plot of land in Rubania really easy and makes it the best investment option for you.

Smart investors are ahead of time and if you haven't already invested, it's your time now.

Welcome to Life in Positive Spaces

The Quest for a home, the dream treasured in one’s mind is in all respect man’s ultimate goal. A space of his very own, to share his joys as well as sorrows, build his dreams and rejoice in his achievements. A space for his children to grow and nurture their dreams and in the process cherish that special feeling of bonding. Lending a helping hand in transforming this dream to reality is Infolan Properties.

Infolan Properties is a development company in the Field of development of residential plots for the past 2 years and a Company registered under Partnership Act.

The company is incorporated with the main objects of development of residential plots & residential housing projects in response to the growing need for quality investments in north Bangalore. Infolan strongly believes and takes the "development" tag seriously ensuring that we develop and not destroy.

Infolan Properties is a client first real estate company and is the result of four good friends and passionate businessmen coming together for creating a professional real estate company. The driving force behind Infolan is our common interest in real estate and the urge to provide the best real estate investment options to every individual.

After years of research and hardcore ground work, we are geared to deliver the most transparent and efficient real estate land investments to our clients ensuring that their investments grow rapidly without compromising on their peace of mind.

Our study of the local Bangalore real estate market enables us to hand pick the best land options that have a lot of potential to increase in value in the near future. We understand the micro dynamics of each location and ensure that we procure the ideal land parcels ensuring the due diligence is taken care of, the land titles are clear and everything is a per the relevant laws.

This in depth analysis and a strict protocol driven acquisition system ensures that every time you buy a land or invest in any kind of real estate through Infolan - your investment is safe, fruitful and hassle free.

Your property investment growth along with complete safety is our first and foremost objective.


Rubania is a very unique and one of its kind project in Bangalore.It is also a great opportunity if you are looking to make a career & a difference.

Currently, we have the following openings:

Green Co-ordinator - Office - Female

  • Good communication skills, pleasant mannerisms.
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada. Additional would be an advantage.
  • Hard working. Sincere & Self Driven.
  • Mailing. Calling. Following up. CRM handling. Co-ordinating with sales team.
  • Saturday & Sunday working.
  • Holiday during the week.

Green Co-ordinator - Office - Male

  • Good communication skills, pleasant mannerisms.
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Kannada. Additional would be an advantage.
  • Hard working. Sincere & Self Driven.
  • Site Visits. Office / home presentations, Sales pitch.
  • Co-ordinating with marketing team.
  • Driving License mandatory for both 2 and 4 wheeler for office work.
  • Saturday & Sunday working.
  • Holiday during the week.

To kick start your new career & to know more about this exciting opportunity, kindly write and submit this WELCOME FORM. One of our friendly team member will contact you very soon.

You can even email us your resume on:

  • info@rubania.in

Contact Us

  • Deepak Dongere : 9902300447,
  • CA. Shivashankar M : 9886758830

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Our home, our beloved planet, our earth is being ravaged & destroyed every moment. We can complain, we can cry or We can do something about it. Yes, there is still hope and there are posibilities. Join the Rubania Tree of Hope & share your green thoughts, articles, sketches, ideas, etc. Become a nature crusader & get a chance to earn your Rubania Green badge of Honour.

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